Dear Unathi Msengana,

Sooooooo after many mornings of torture and frustration, I have decided to write a letter to Unathi (Metro FM). Call me crazy and say I have all the time in the world but I did. And I hope some soul is kind enough to pass it on to her as I’m not sure how I can possibly reach her. Now I can sleep soundly at night….(I swear this highly bothered me)…

Dear Unathi

I trust you are well on this chilly Johannesburg morning.

After much hesitation, but with a lot of consideration, I have decided to pen you this open letter. Do not take anything written here as a personal attack on your overall character. I do not know you in a personal capacity; therefore all views expressed here onwards are solely based on you as a Metro FM morning show co-host.

I will first revert to two incidents from last week.

A metro FM listener called on Wednesday morning, to comment about a topic you guys were discussing about twerking. She directed a comment to you about how you should allow young girls to twerk as it was their form of dance equivalent to bumping and grinding back in your days (making reference to R. Kelly’s Bump ‘n Grind). She had obviously not heard your initial statement, where you had said YOU wouldn’t allow YOUR daughter to twerk. And Glen was kind enough to point out this little fact to her, in a polite manner. From what I had heard, she was about to respond and say that she obviously had misheard you [thought you had meant all girls in general]. Now you Mrs Msengana had to take the final jab at this listener and tell her that she needs to learn to listen. Your exact words were “if we are going to respect each other we have to learn to listen… Learn to listen… I said my daughter”… MEOW!! Catty much?  I frankly found it so unnecessary (because Glen had already checked her and informed her of her inaccuracy…) and just downright rude. It came across like you were ganging up on her and trying to put her in her place. Exactly which part about her response made you feel disrespected? So she misheard you, big deal. Correct her and keep it moving. There is no need to exasperate the situation and make it out to be something it is not. It just made you look like a mean, old bully.

I have noticed you have a tendency of making listeners look small. In isiZulu we would say “Uyaphoxana”. I guess with time you have learned to conceal it so well, that even you miss it.

Then on Friday, the kids were calling in and saying which soccer team they supported. One kid (Khosi if I remember correctly) called in. You asked him, what he thought of Beckham’s retirement. Now obviously you caught him off guard, as initially you were just asking the other kids about which teams they supported. His mother decided to help him out with a short answer (the same way she was kind enough to correct you when you called her son a HER). You thereafter told this little boy, to tell his mother that she can call in for herself if she wants to express what she thought of Beckham’s retirement. The bloody nerve of you! You were most definitely out of line. Have you never helped your kids out when they were in a sticky situation? I know, as a mother, I have prompted my son plenty of times when I see he will battle or is battling with something. And that is how he learns. And no teacher will come and tell me how and when I should prompt my child. The same principal from Wednesday applied here: you did not like the Wednesday caller telling you how to handle your daughter. How dare you tell this mother not to prompt her son? Even though you didn’t flat out verbalize it, it is what you meant. And to top it all off you have the audacity to use her son as a messenger boy. Shame on you! Once again you felt the need to “check” this mother on her behavior.

Time and time again I have observed this as a common character of yours, which you bring with you every morning to the show. You put people in check and bring orderliness. It is like you are the disciplinarian of the show. You do it with your co-hosts and you do it with the listeners. Well it is distasteful. It makes listeners like me very uncomfortable. The platform you have is not for that. I understand if someone is being rude to you or openly disrespectful. Even then, there are ways to handle it, without you losing your cool. And don’t think because people can’t see you, they cannot feel your tone (which often drips of sarcacism, arrogance, bitchyness and impudence). You cannot run the show like you are running your household. The listeners are your bosses. Our tax money pays and maintains much of the SABC. And just because you take the call, doesn’t make you superior. You must understand you will get all types of callers and yes some will get on your last nerve but how you handle them is important on how your listeners view YOU. I don’t tune in to Metro to hear people call in- I tune in to hear you guys (Glen, Mel and the rest of the crew). It is not pleasant and very unprofessional.

My next gripe with you, if not the worst, is how you speak over people, as if your views are more profound than the next persons. I can only imagine what a nightmare a dinner party with you must be, if your interaction with your team is anything to go by. You cut people off!!! ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME. Has no one told you? Anyone? Someone? I have sat in traffic for years while listening to your show and you always do it. I’m not sure if it’s because you have a short memory span and don’t want to forget what you were about to say, or maybe you feel your point will be more valid, or you just simply like the sound of your own voice. Either way it’s aggravating and rude. On many occasions you have given inaccurate information or your knowledge on whatever topic being discussed was slightly skewed. And it took one comment (when you did finally pause) from Glen or Melanie to correct you. You are not a one man show. I understand you won’t always be right (although more times than not you think you are) but maybe if you gave others a chance to talk, you could learn something without first laying your ignorance for the world to see. Learn to breath. Pause. Talk. You are not presenting Castle Loud anymore.

I am genuinely bringing up these points because I love the show. I have tried to change radio stations and find entertainment elsewhere in the mornings. But I have found myself crawling back with my tail between my legs because I miss the morning mixes, Carmen, the smack down and some of the entertaining content. The show is amazing. It is light, funny, entertaining and very engaging. I love how it is not always work, but there is an element of play. I love Glen’s ridiculousness and boldness (laced with arrogance), I adore Melanie’s intellect, acumen and lady like demeanor and I appreciate your street savyness and fortitude. You guys do a phenomenal job of brightening up the beginning of every working day. I would never take that away from you.

I trust I have been authentic enough with my deliverance of these issues that bother me. And I am aware this is currently an isolated opinion. I hope you do not dismiss it as another black-on-black sister hate or bad case of PHD (pull her down syndrome) but rather you take it as constructive criticism.


An avid First Avenue listner




1,427 thoughts on “Dear Unathi Msengana,

  1. I give it up 2 Namhla 4 taking it upon her n having d courage 2 write this letter which I feel it was much needed, it haz struck me on more than one occassion that sis Unathi can b unkind 2 d listners of d showat timez.. We luv d show n d team dat bringz us d show but we can be offended at timez due 2 treatment we get from d show, I hope this letter will b read with an understanding n much consideration… Big UPS!

  2. I am not a lister of this radio station but there is a saying in Afrikaans: Die leegste blik maak die grootste geraas. Just saying…..

    1. Takin’ sides..? Typical ignorance we have to deal with everyday. No wonder why things will never change in some black African citizens. Simangele, do you even know what you just commented? Sounds like you should take some time off sisi!

  3. give that Namhla a Bells, i like how you have put it gal….and if you truly love some1 you should love her enough to correct her…..i truly understand where you are coming from and what you want to achieve you simple want Metro to be a better station, as you said its not a personal attack; Fellows im sure you know about this… there are surverys at your work place so that you can make the company better, Surely its not about your manager as a person but its all about his management skills to make this company better, what i mean is Unathi had to be corrected, now its up to her to take this as a room to grow or as a personal attack. Trust me i love Unathi she is smart and she has a hot man:) but i strongly agree with Namhla

  4. Unathi should learn to respect her listerners as companions,meaning respecting the intelligence of her audience”, in South Africa we have significant knowlegde gaps in understanding and education therefore she has to start weighing up the respect of her listeners against pushing boundaries to gain new listeners.

  5. Also im not a listner of this radio station, but namhla have some good poits….most of the radio presenters acts like that. a superior attitude towards the listeners.

  6. Ja, I must say Namhla also, this is a personality issue with you. I absolutely love Unathi’s personality, especially her ability to put people in their place. It’s simply her personality and since you have a different personality, you find her offensive. There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone being themselves and you are also welcome to be your ownself. Simply switch to a different show if you are that bothered and come back when that issue has been dealt with. Unathi is fine and she brings a balance to the show. Glen can be domineering and Melanie can be a push over and Unathi puts Glen in his place and thus allow Melanie to show her intelligence in her lady like manner. The three make a perfect match. Please appreciate that and not look at personalities in isolation.


    1. Clearly you do not appreciate constructive critisism. It’s meant to help, not destroy. Everyone needs a reality check every once in a while, we are not all perfect in our own different personalities. As much as we want to shine in who we are, we must realise we dont live alone in this world and our actions have a ripple effect on people around us. I like unathi, but there are some things i also think she could work on, try a different approach while still being true to herself. #Just_sayin’

    2. Sibongile, I don’t know if puting people in their place is part of her job description, but making them feel small, when you Disagree she refers to you as “immature or childish” mara ge asiboni ngoku fana

    3. This is a performance apparasial from her listners. In communication 101 there is the Johari window, Unathi could take this letter to see how people see her and improve on those areas, she is not a corporatep she is a “celeb” so tough.

      1. It is possible that you place too much power on your views. You think just because you feel so strongly about this issue, everyone else does. It may not be the case honies…. The Unathi haters who have suddenly found a platform to express themselves do not represent all Metro FM listeners. I’m one of them and I have no issue with her. If anything, the show always feels hollow when she’s not around.

        Pople often like to bring their own buggage into situations and look at others through that buggage. I’m sure Unathi is used to this though and she sees it for what it is.

        Keep going sister friend. Some of us have no gripe with you at all and our perfomance appraisal says “You are great as you are. You bring balance to the show. Do not apologise for that”

      2. Sisi I dont think you read this letter well, Namhla is not hating on Unathi and its not about any baggage or beef its merely another woman correcting another and loving her at the same tim we.

        Read the last passage and read the body of this letter lucidly and you will get the message, I listen to the 1st Avenue every morning and one thing I can tell you Unathi Msengana is indeed rude, if you remember the incident on the Metrofm awards about two years back or three were she was presenting an award and she mentioned the F… word and saw nothing wrong with that, it was on the news. How many giggs and shows did she get evicted on were she would show up drunk or high? The list is endless and we don’t hate on her nor gealous of her success but as the woman of her caliber she can act and should act like one. We are African and we should act like ones ..

      3. An open letter addressed to the host of METRO FM’s First Avenue breakfast show Unathi Msengana has been doing
        the rounds on social Networks and this particular letter is now in the possession of the station. It is written by a
        clearly disgruntled listener of the show and we as a Station hold the contents of the letter in high esteem. Each and
        every listener of any of our Show’s on METRO FM is respected and appreciated by the station, hence our stance.

        We would like to request that the public at large, our audiences as well as the media allow us as the Station’s Management
        to investigate the strongly worded letter and the contents thereof accordingly. Over and above that allow us the time
        to engage our presenter Unathi Msengana on her views and outlook in the matter at hand, after which we will make our
        findings as a Station known accordingly. We trust that our request will be viewed favorably.

  7. Guyz m sure Namhla meant no harm…we do love Unathi but fixing here n there wouldn’t be a bad thing at all…keep up the good work Unathi and take what will help you from the letter.

  8. Honestly the reason I don’t listen to morning show is because of Unathi, She is all about ME MYSELF and I and its suppose to be about us listeners and was wondering what’s happening with the station manager not to pick it up

  9. I agree whole with everything that Namhla said. I was also listening to the show when that poor lady called in to talk about twerking, and Unathi was so rude.

  10. I was also a Metro fm big fan, but i switched to khaya because of the most of the things Namhla mentioned, then but in a short term of time i found myself back to Metro, yes it is irritating to find ourself treated like this by our own People who even our kids looking up on them, it is not on, so my point of departure is We Sis Nathi, take this as a sharp learning curve which you went through, if you have personal problems, sure in your industry there is someone to help, if you are tired of your career, give other people a chance, but take this sisi, people who tell you as it is, they are the one who are making you strong.

  11. I wouldnt have said it much better than you Namhla. I have decided to not listen to Metro Fm morning show due to dat. I have penned down a letter to station a supposedly station manager of Metro 3 weeks ago after the diplomat/cyclist ordeal in Pretoria, of which Unathi left a bad taste on my mouth with her comments and how she responded to the guy who called and say he was a body guard….till today no respond from Metro regarding my letter

    I have recently find solace in Ukhozi fm which is conincidentally celebrating 53 years. To my suprise i’ve learned that Metro Fm is actually a brain child of intellectual radio announcers who were called from Ukhozi to form a metropolitan station with the aim of distabilising radio Bop who at the time had take Johannesburg listeners by storm. DR VVO Mkhize and Koos Radebe are behind the formation of thsi station, now UNATHI things is for the Nkayis………

    Im feeling vindicated by reading Namhlas letter because ive said this again again and today im so happy that there are so many listerners who share my sentiments…

  12. Eish shame Unathi, there’s some truth in that though. I loved your sensitivity when you were judging Idols, please bring that same attitude to your show as well.

  13. Hi Namhla

    I applaud you for your bravery. I must say that I am not an avid listener of Metro FM, however, during those times that I had had an opportunity to listen to Unathi, I have felt her arrogance when speaking to people, she showed the same traits when working on Idols as a judge. I hope she takes the time to listen as you said, and not see your letter otherwise. Sesotho se re “motho ke motho ka batho ba bang”.


  14. Namhla must tune to another radio station. Glen is also rude and arrogant and so are the many radio personalities like Gareth

  15. Power to Namhla! for the courage to bring forth her views in what I think is a constructive manner, given her experiences with Unathi in particular. I listen more to Talk Radio 702 and I also find this kind of attitude with Redi Thlabi at times. All of these radio personalities can learn a thing or two from the legendary Vuyo Mbuli. Having said that, I love Unathi very much as a judge in SA Idols.

  16. Namhla I agree with you 100%. UNathi is just too much I always wonder how bully is she at home. She has no respect for other peoples view especially if she doesn’t agree with them. Sometimes I get embarrassed as if she is responding to me they way she would make people feel and she is so sarcastic it hurts. I really think Mel must teach her how to be humble but still be able to raise your views to the core.

    1. Well, I don’t have an issue with her and there are many others like me. If she changed, she would be changing for those like you so why should she bother? She can’t please everyone and hence there are various radio stations. Go to the one where you are not offended and leave Unathi to entertain us who are happy with her.

      1. Well judging from this those of you wore don’t have a problem with her are a minority. We cant change a station because of one person who must serve us the listeners, who must respect us as listeners. As Namhla indicated on her letter this is not a personal attack on Unathi but its what she is doing every morning. The show never ends without her disrespecting or belittle the views of the listener and she also does this to Sizwe. I love Unathi as a person, I admire her success but she really needs to tone it done.

      2. its clear u dont get the point of contention from Namhla.she sould care less how Unathi is in person outside of the show.what she does care about is the manner in which Unathi interacts with the very people who are love/like her and are keeping her in her job through the taxes we all is trully uncalled for to be rude,catty,arrogant and disrespectful to people you dont know.those who know her for who she is can choose to put up with it all but that dont mean we as listerners have to do the same.i might be your fan but that dont mean you deserve to become all-out important to Namhla,people in general need to discern between a personality attack and constructive criticism.there is only so much disrespect and rudeness we can take,i am sure Sibongile has her limitation points where she will not take nor accept crap from people,whether they are family,friends or otherwise.i am sure Unathi would not appreciate being treated and spoken to the way she handles the listeners.if this does not get through to her,then she doesnt care whether she is liked or disliked out there.its all about HER and what she wants out of life.those who like her the way she is,good for you.those who cannot tolerate nor accept such abonimable behaviour,good for you too. DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU WOULD WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU….

      3. Sibongile you are so right,Namhla should just tune in another station,i cant imagine that show without would be boring,for God sake this was unnecessary,she has many options,how many radio stations do we have in SA.This is personal

  17. I salute you Namhla, i hate listening to Metro in the morning because of this Unathi guy. no wonder if she was beautiful the world would suffer, thanx GOD did not favour in creating her face. i travel every morning to Joburg and when our driver switch on to Metro i put on earphones and listen to my music. i noticed that long ago that she really is disrespectful. Glen pls get another beautiful lady to take over this Unagly so we can listen your and enjoy your show in the morning.

  18. I couldn’t agree more with you Namhla and it is definitely not an “isolated opinion”. Me and my partner have switched over to Khaya fm exactly because of this, and we haven’t gone back to Metro. Unathi needs to do a “self check” on her as she thinks she’s the s*hit!!! She’s gotten so full of herself it’s gone beyond annoying. Listeners have to hear her bragging about her inlaws, kids, trips to Grahamstown and canoeing competitions!!! REALLY??? She needs to come back to earth. One thing she misses out is that she should not shove her opinions and/or achievements down the throats of Metro fm’s listeners. Thanks to Mel, Glen and Sizwe for saving the integrity of the show.

  19. I agree ONE HUNDRED percent with Namhla! somebody needs to tell that Unathi off, She thinks ke ga Msengana that studio. I especially dislike the way she cuts people off and talk over them and making Glen & Mel seem like their view don’t count. its damn right DISRESPECTFUL.
    As if bona they didn’t get interviewed for this job, as if o ba topile ko bree taxi rank and called in studio to just come batlo blomma le yena nje. Tsek!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Wow, somebody who is not afraid to speak her mind and reiterate the truth. Unathi sisi, siyakuthanda mara a little kindness and consideration when dealing with listeners is what makes us love the show. It would be much appreciated if u toned down a little on the cutting off and the over-riding. Callers and listeners are the people who make up Metro’s audience or target group. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you sisi.

  21. I applaud you Namhla,,Unathi is plain rude even on twitter!she thinks she’s better than everyone since she’s on the radio

  22. To a certain extent I do agree with the writer (Namhla). Being a fan of Metro for years, the show is great. One thing that we should keep in mind is that this incidents mentioned on this letter does not happen daily as it sounds like.

  23. Reblogged this on msutukazi and commented:
    I strongly agree with this open letter and would like to add Wilson B. Nkosi……the guy can be so arrogant. Every Sunday he does something that makes me switch the radio off until 12.

    1. tks Sinazo,I was actually wondering if being RUDE is one of Metro’s requirements, Wilson B Nkosi doesnt have respect period. As for Unathi, she thinks she’s running another Idols show, tks Namhla!Khaya FM is the best, I tell you…

      1. Add the touch down show on that list, I am a hip hop fan and I love him but what happened to the crew recently for having No respect for listeners??? They have stepped down for an interim period for talking about steamy sexual topics knowing very well that it’s against their broadcasting regulations… It’s currently on the news and Sbu is hosting their show… What does that say about MetroFM’s employees??? Damn…

  24. I couldn’t agree with you more Namhla!Big ups to you gal.I think uUnathi ugeziswa nayilento waba yiJudge on the IDOLS when she cant sing herself!!

    1. Lol! Took the words right out of my mouth! Matter of fact, that’s the reason I stopped watching nalo Idols lowo!

      1. Oh u done said it (uNathi’s voice) YES! She ca NOT sing @ all, we talked about it in the office, maybe she can sing @ the karioke bar but she should not do it as a profesion. Maybe we should write an open letter about her & Pabi’s singing

  25. We normally see ourselves from what people say about ourselves…take Unathi and move on….one advice from me…stop, look back and start again….lots of love!

  26. Ngiyakuvuma Namhla, its about time and just like you, i love the show and i totally adore Glen, he is thee man. Ngimthanda no Unathi but she way out order! For the record, there is no PHD at all in everything you said, ubumfundisa wambeka endaweni qha!

  27. You hit the nail on the head, Metro FM management must wake up and smell the coffee, and do something about it. I actually think that most of these bad traits of Unathi’s are also applicable to Glen (add childishness to that). the only person that’s made me remain a loyal listener of the show is Mellanie – the most intelligent of the trio, the other two have over-infalted egos. Metro management, if you dont reign Glen and Unathi in, I and a whole lotta other people will tune in elsewhere ( in fact, recently i have only been listening to Mel reading the news at 7am, and switch to Highveld straight after coz i dont want to listen to the Very-Loud Unathi n Glen. dont get me started on Unathi’s disturbing laugh.

    1. Oh Tman you just made me laugh and made my day, its so true though and what makes me sad is that she is not even aware at times of how rude she is. I remember two year or three years back when she was an award presenter at the SAMA’s or MetroFM awards and she memtioned the F… word on national Tv and nothing was said nor done about that and I was very distressed about it…

  28. all l can say is thank u gal for being bold enuf to point out what most people have hesitated to say .l guess it takes 1 person to be the voice of everyone hey

  29. OOH Namhla cc you said it all I`ve stopped listening to the show a long time ago because both Unathi and Glen are rude to the listeners

  30. namhla sweety this is definetly not personal or attacking to Unathi , and maybe the people around her even the station manager didnt and obviously still doesnt have the balls to stand up to her, because empty vessels make the most noise right,! i would say lets see how humble she really is by apologizing on air to the listners she was mean to and move on,i love the show 110% but our parents teach us that you let someone finish what they were saying before turning their mouths into a drive-thru yeah, if she retaliates then your assumptions of her were right . buck up to you ……

  31. Thank you Namhla for being so brave. I agree 100 % with what you wrote, I have the same problem but didn’t know how to deal with it. Unathi i hope you will take this as a lesson and please change, it will really make you a better person. You are an intelligent lady and obviously passionate about radio but u need to respect people, especially your listeners.

  32. if they take Unathi from that show,guys the listener ship would drop quite dramatically,Glen and Unathi makes a great Team,dont get me wrong Mel is good though not good enough to host the show.

  33. Url just need to chill there’s nothing wrong with Unathi if u sensitive or easily offended url must just listen to some 1 else Unathi can’t change coz of haters or whatever you ppl call yourselves

  34. This letter as imotional as it is, has much truth in it. I concur with the author as a faithful listener of this show during my drive to work (at times under duress from accompanying family, esp my son). I believe she means well and her comments should be taken seriosly and positively.

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